A “Mellow” Day

Since Tuesday I have been feeling sick.


Bummer.  I have stayed home Thursday and today (Friday) because I really could not go to school – my cold or fever (whatever it is) was really holding me back :(. I took the day to do 2 math assignments, 2 social studies assignments, reading, a reading journal entry, and started on a Satire Essay.  So not exactly a mellow day, but being at home was way less stressful and better than being at school.  Probably couldn’t be in school anyway coughing, sneezing, blowing my nose, and napping the way I was. Sorry TMI.  I’m going on a 4 hour drive off to see my brother tomorrow, so I must keep my health up, and for me that meant no exertions, whether that be from going to school or walking the dog. I needed rest :).



By the end of today, I am feeling 60% better and I am sure that I can snatch the rest of my health back in tonight’s slumber.


I sure need to feel better too as I have big day tomorrow with all the driving and such.



Mother’s day is coming! We’ll be having brunch, a massage, and whatever else seems appealing. This is a huge splurge for us, because we we haven’t gone on vacation or stayed in a hotel or treated ourselves to anything big in 5 years.  I’m excited.  It will be really nice to get away for a day and try to not think about my illness (SIBO). We’ll see how the brunch goes, as my flare-ups are always caused by food, so I have to admit–I’m kind of scared.  Wish me luck :). It will also be really great to use the day to celebrate my mom as I appreciate and love her soooo much. Happy Mother’s Day to everyone else ;)!




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